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Fabio Tranchitella

Canyan overview

Canyan is a technology company offering advanced solutions for the telecommunication and IoT market. What sets apart Canyan from other companies is a cloud-first, high quality and open core approach to our products thus offering our clients high performance, distributed and scalable solutions with peace of mind regarding security and vendor lock-in.

March 17, 2020


Aleksandar Sošić

Wazo C4 Platform overview

Wazo is a programmable opensource platform we're contributing to. It allows you to build your own IP communication infrastructure and deliver innovative communication services. Fully open-source, API-centric, Cloud-native, multi-tenant, the project is designed around the famous open-source frameworks Asterisk and Kamailio.

November 10, 2019


Aleksandar Sošić

Affordable Carrier-grade billing

During the development of Evosip (, a Kubernetes-based SIP switch, we examined several billing systems and solutions that were already available on the market. They range from open source projects to commercial platforms. We found that many of them had some limitations and somehow forced us to compromise regarding our features. The main issue we faced was that we could not find any suitable solution to be integrated into a full stateless, scalable system like the one we designed without creating a single point of failure or, even worse, a bottleneck of the system as a whole.

October 12, 2019