Canyan overview

by Fabio Tranchitella March 17, 2020

Canyan is a technology company offering advanced solutions for the telecommunication and IoT market. What sets apart Canyan from other companies is a cloud-first, high quality and open core approach to our products thus offering our clients high performance, distributed and scalable solutions with peace of mind regarding security and vendor lock-in.

Our mission is to offer our clients real-time communications and IoT solutions with all the bells and whistles, together with full transparency regarding costs and no vendor lock-in.

Our solutions range from a mere Session Border Controller to a SIP Router able to handle complex routing logic and huge traffic peaks, passing through rating, billing and advanced data analysis for anomaly and fraud detections. All of our solutions are offered as Platform-As-A-Service products with an open-source core and exhaustive documentation to eliminate the vendor lock-in fear.


Our Session Border Controller solution wants to be as simple and secure as possible to enable our clients for an enhanced experience in installing and handling it. We want our user's to gain better performances and high availability out of the box. Our SBC is designed, as all of our solutions, to scale linearly and horizontally and to be cloud-ready, leaving our users to choose the right deployment for their needs.

One of the key features of our SBC is to have active protection on denial of service attacks, limit the number of scanners and consequently guarantee adequate resources to provide the basic services. Fraud represents a serious threat to the telecommunication industry. It refers to the abuse of telecommunications services as VoIP is a prime target of the attacks. Canyan's SBC is designed to mitigate all those threats and secure our user's infrastructure behind it.


On top of our SBC solution, we added features like normalization, routing and media management for businesses that want to interconnect their VoIP servers, our router can be used to relay VoIP traffic and services over multiple IP networks, easily and securely. Sometimes our users need some simple routing mechanisms but there are also exceptions with complex routing rules which was our priority to make the input into the system of such rules as simple as possible. Also to obtain reliable and stable operation whatever the customer’s country format the numbering entering the system is normalized, specifically in E.164 format without the leading “+” before processing. This makes our routing solution less prone to issues related to number normalization. Beside the mere routing we also do inbound and outbound media flows handling operations like transcoding, broadcasting and recording.

The majority of billing solutions on the market are intended to be used on premises

End-to-end billing solutions

The billing solution is the one we're most proud of. We examined several billing systems and solutions that were already available on the market to deploy them for a client of ours. The current billing solutions range from open-source projects (just a few) to different commercial platforms. What is common between them is the lack of the cloud-first approach in designing and developing those solutions. Thus they have limited scalability or to scale you need to handle complex integrations. The resiliency and high availability of that kind of architecture demand at least two installations that blow the cost through the roof and make small RTC operators look elsewhere. For these reasons, we decided to implement a simple yet extendible “cloud-native” billing system, designed to be stateless and linearly scalable from the very first lines of code. We think that the cost of the billing system should be directly proportional to the used resources making it an affordable solution from one hundred to tens of thousands of accounts, consequently being attractive to small and big RTC operators.

The key features for a billing/rating system in our opinion are the following:

  • High Availability and Scalability
  • Security and Data integrity
  • Ease of use and well documented
  • open-source

Using Docker and its containerization technology, together with the orchestration features of Kubernetes, provided us the perfect environment for our solutions.

Canyan Billing is completely API-based, designed to be developer-friendly, easily integrable with voice, messaging, IoT solutions, and generally speaking any real-time service. We have different integration approaches, from the transparent one using the HEP protocol to more tied with different SIP server applications using HTTP requests.

Being an open core solution we don't tie our customers to our solution in a vendor lock-in way

We're not only open-source and cloud advocates, We strongly believe the future of voice, messaging and IoT is cloud-based, thanks to scalable solutions which can be observed in other fields. Dealing with maintenance and running costs in a pay-per-use way gives us the possibility to offer the same business model to our clients. Our billing system is perfect for customers who need an affordable, simple yet powerful solution that is easily integrable with their systems. Thanks to this solution we drastically reduce our clients time to market and help them to improve their bottom line.

Being an open core solution we don't tie our customers to our solution in a vendor lock-in way, instead, we offer an open-source solution, always updated and well documented that our customers, when ready, can switch to.

Common features for all our solutions

We want all of our solutions to be easily integrable (REST and GraphQL APIs) with every system. Also, we believe that great documentation is the key component of a successful open-source project, so code snippets to simplify integration with third-party products, tutorials and how-tos are common to all of the code we release and offer to our user's.

All of our solutions are cloud-native but can also be run on-premises without the need for complex orchestration systems or Docker. open-source core, offering peace of mind regarding vendor lock-in and giving our user's full control of the code.

Enterprise-only features

On top of our open-source solutions we want to develop products for clients that want a turnkey service ready in no-time or custom adapted to satisfy specific business requirements. Those products gives the open-source solutions next level features like:

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Mutual TLS
  • Real-time data analysis and anomaly detection (AI module)

We see a great opportunity for RTC and IoT business to gain precious information from their data and and our extended experience in data analysis and anomaly detection can save our clients headaches and stop loses before they even happen.

We also offer custom support plans and custom licensing for embedding and redistribution. Which is quite a common request from bigger RTC operators.


We think that our 15+ years of consultancy in the IT industry on a wide range of projects, big or small, simple or complex, especially in the fields of scalability, orchestration and machine learning will bring through Canyan's solutions a freshness of ideas and projects in the real-time communication world. Stay tuned!

  • Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash
Fabio Tranchitella

15 years of experience in as software consultant, free software developer, and advocate.