Canyan Data-Driven Intelligence for the communication and IoT industries

Our mission is to offer our clients telco and IoT solutions with all the bells and whistles, together with no vendor lock-in and full transparency regarding costs. Everyone love transparency, right? No setup fees, hidden costs, support and maintenance fees typical for on-premises solutions.


Massive data. Unmatched accuracy. Deep expertise.

Access insights from our specialized data analysts, scientists, engineers who collectively and consistently manage data from carriers, operators and service providers daily.

More than a software provider, we become a virtual extension of your company. We will help you maximize the use of our tools in your own infrastructure.

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Canyan Billing - what every billing system should be

Get ready in no time... just like 1, 2 & 3.

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Easy and fast to set up with plenty of examples, tutorials, and detailed documentation.

Everything you need for your telco business

Canyan Billing

The billing system is a critical component in any business, especially when real-time features are a strict requirement to ensure business continuity and congruence of transactions. Any compromise to availability, integrity, and authentication in the billing system makes a huge impact on the services provided, and this is the reason why the security of this component is crucial for your business.

Canyan SBC

Secure your infrastructure behind our Session Border Controller. Our top priority is a secure-by-design proxy system which you can trust for your VoIP platform as well as for your network of partners and customers.

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Canyan Routing

Load balancing made easy

Do you need a load-balanced, resilient, auto-healing, geographically distributed platform which monitors itself to ensure record-breaking availability and almost-zero downtime to route your ever growing requests? Look no further. Canyan Routing is the solution for you.

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Tailored integrations, deep expertise

Whatever your size or business model, you'll get a custom solution. Our technical team will make sure you get the most out of Canyan's suite of products. Consult with our experts, who have experience in building and scaling global fraud mitigation, billing and voice systems in the telecommunication and IoT industries. We team up with complementary partners and industry leaders to deliver the most robust end-to-end solutions for our customers.

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